Blendkit Week 2 deliverables

They’re rough, but here they are. For the record, I decided to work with a different course. I started with ENG 1113: Comp I, but I’ve decided to focus on ENG 1213: Comp II instead, because I’ll be teaching it next semester. I’ll be able to implement these ideas sooner. As always, there’s more work to be done:

Syllabus Draft

Schedule Draft

Communications Protocols Draft

Module Interaction Draft


I am an associate professor of English and writing center coordinator at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. I teach courses in composition, creative nonfiction, fundamentals of English, and peer tutoring.

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2 comments on “Blendkit Week 2 deliverables
  1. Linda Landrum says:

    Was trying to check out your syllabus draft and other links but couldn’t do it. Are they up yet? So you’ll be implementing the Blendkit with the Eng. Comp class, right?

    • denisejeannee says:

      Hmm. I updated the links, and they work on my office computer. You might try again. These are word document files, so you’ll have to download them to open. I hope to implement at least some of these ideas next semester. If not next semester, then next Fall.

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