Blendkit week 4 activity

For week 4, we are supposed to create a draft of one module for our envisioned blended course. I chose to work with the sequence leading up to the first major project in my Comp II course–an interview write-up. The module draft is quite rough; in fact, I’m pretty sure I might have gone a bit too far afield in that I worked with the entire sequence (a 3-4  week project) rather than focusing on a one-week module within that sequence. If nothing else, though, this draft is helping me (re)consider and envision how this entire project sequence might function in a blended environment. It’s all about the learning process, right?

Module_template_comp 2 interview write-up


I am an associate professor of English and writing center coordinator at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. I teach courses in composition, creative nonfiction, fundamentals of English, and peer tutoring.

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2 comments on “Blendkit week 4 activity
  1. I thinking using a draft as the proposal for your future blended class is great. This helps you make a mental map of what you want to do and how you want to accomplish your goals.

  2. Oops, sorry forgot to sign the post. Soledad Garcia-King.

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